Welcome To Ruby Grace And Rainbow Even Moss Crochet Stitch

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Hello and welcome to Ruby Grace! We’re so glad you’re joining our inspirational approach to traditional crochet patterns!

Who are we?

We are  experienced crocheters, with an obsession for the OG Granny blanket, more color inspiration pins on Pinterest than we’ll ever be able to use and enough yarn to make a million blankets.

If there is one thing we are more passionate about than crochet,  it’s sharing what we make with others in the hopes of inspiring their own creativity. Although we follow some amazing teachers of the craft and we love to learn new things, since we are experienced crocheters, we typically spend our time coming up with our own color ways and color patterns and sharing that on social media. Recognizing other experienced crocheters may not need a teaching source, just the details to inspire and motivate, Ruby Grace was born.

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What is our goal?

Our goal is to inspire, inform and motivate advanced beginner to experienced crocheters with everything they need to make beautiful handmade blankets using common crochet stitches. You know the stitches, but you need the details because you’ve been inspired to rummage that yarn stash. Brand, color way, hook size, skein quantities, plus more, we got you.


What you can expect from us?

Each month we will make available in The Ruby Grace Store between 4-8 pdf’s (typically 4) for you to purchase and download. Each pdf will feature a common, easy to make crochet stitch for three (3) sizes of blankets in an easy to follow format. The sizes are lovey, baby/stroller and a full sized afghan/throw. Yarn brand, hook size, skein quantity, starting chain, we tell you exactly how many rows of each color for each size and to help keep you organized we even include a row tracker for each size. Just print it out, check off each completed row and you’re good to go! Super handy if you need to step away from it! These row trackers are pre-made  with the names of the featured yarn brand.

We understand not everyone has the same brand of yarns or likes working with certain yarns so we include up to 5 alternative brands. This is great because then you don’t have to figure out what would be a good match to our featured brand! To make it even better, we include blank row trackers that simply have the number of rows for each size, but you can fill in what ever brand/colors you like!

We love to save money whenever we can and we know you do too! Saving money means more yarn right? You can print out the free printable directly from the blog. This is a limited version of the lovey featured in the pdf. You are also certainly welcome to buy our pdf’s individually, in multiples of 3 for a discount or buy the entire month at an even bigger discount. Every day. All day. 

To kick things off, the entire August 2021 release will be free! Yep. FREE.

And don’t worry, we know even the best of us need a little “how to” help. We love to support makers that have made it their business to teach so we share our faves with you! Every pdf will have a companion blog post. Here you will find our recommendations to our favorite crochet Youtubers and bloggers. We have their permission to link to them, but we are not affiliated with them. We recommend them not just for the wonderful humans they are, but for their high quality, easy to follow content!

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What do we expect from you?

Have fun and share with us! That’s it! We love being a part of the crochet community and love, love, love to see what others make! We especially love seeing our goal come to life and see how we’ve inspired and motivated others. That’s better than a hundred granny’s!

What else?

You can find us in our Facebook group by clicking HERE or you can find us on Instagram by clicking HERE. You can also follow is on Pinterest by going HERE.  Also be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. This is where we’ll keep you in the know with all the new stuffs.

You can contact us, anytime, through one of our contact forms throughout our site. We would love to hear any questions, comments or concerns. We know we’re a new company with lots of room to grow and your feedback is super important to us!

That’s it!

Again, welcome and thank you for joining us! Be sure to show us your finished blanket and tag us using #rubygraceinspo.

Love. Your. Face. – Ruby Grace

Free Printable

Here is a free printable for the RAINBOW EVEN MOSS. If you’d like the full PDF that includes  all 3 sizes including the full details on each, row check off sheets and 5 brand alternatives, click the SHOP NOW button above.

Need help with the stitch? Check out: RICH TEXTURES CROCHET

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