Infininty Moss Sqaure CROCHET STITCH

What Is the Infinity Moss Square Crochet Stitch?

A flat, dense stitch consisting of a single crochet and a chain one. Worked in the round much like a granny, but the short stitches make it perfect for lots of color changes.

These instructions cover how to make the Moss Stitch Square or Infinity Moss Square. This doesn’t include the Moss Stitch Rectangle or the Moss Stitch


MR – Magic Ring

REP – Repeat

SL ST – Slip Stitch

YO – Yarn Over

SK – Skip


CH – Chain

SC – Single Crochet


ST – Stitch

SP – Space


Single Crochet (SC) – Insert your hook, YO pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops.

Written Instructions

Start with a Magic Ring.


Working into a Magic Ring, *SC, CH2* REP from *to* a total of 4 times. Join with a SL ST in first SC. Turn. Should have 4 CH 2 spaces.


Now working in the same CH 2 SP, *SC, CH 2, SC, CH 1, SK a ST*. *REP from *to* a total of 4 times. Join with SL ST in first SC. Turn. SHould have 4 CH 2 spaces and 4 CH 1 spaces.

REPEAT ROUND 2 – Each round will increase by 4 chain 1 spaces.