What Is the Magic Ring?

The Magic Ring is a technique used for when working in the round. Typically when starting a round you chain 2 or more, depending on the stitches going inside the ring and slip stitch into the first chain to start the ring. The downside is this technique leaves a hole in the center of your work.

There are lots of different ways to start a magic ring (check out the video below for how I start the mine) and regardless how you start, the benefit is once your ring is made, you can pull the center tight and there isn’t a hole left.


YO – Yarn Over

REP – Repeat

RND – Round

CH – Chain

MR – Magic Ring


ST – Stitch

SP – Space


*NOTE* You can put any stitch you like in a MR, but for the purposes of these instructions we will use the Double Crochet.

Written Instructions

  • Take the tail end of your yarn and drape it over you pointer finger, making sure there is enough length to at least reach your pinky finger on the inside of your palm. The “working” end (the yarn connect to the skein) should be hanging down the back side of your hand. Lightly hold the yarn draped over you pointer finger with your thumb to hold it in place. 
  • Take the working end of the yarn that is hanging from the bottom backside of your hand and bring it up in between your pinky and ring finger, around to the palm side, up between your thumb and pointer finger. Continue to hold in place with your thumb. Make sure that this length crosses over the top of the short end. Bring the working end across the back of your hand down, then down in between your ring and pinky fingers.
  • In the opposite hand, hold your hook so the hook portion is face down. Insert it under the strand closest to the tips of your fingers  (front) and catch the yarn that is closest to the back (back) of your hand. Bring the yarn in the back to the front, keeping the back strand underneath the front strand.
  • Once the back strand is past the front strand, twist the strand with your hook creating a loop. With the loop on your hook bring the hook towards your ring and pink fingers and pick ups the strand that remains closet to the back of your hand with your hook. Pick up the strand and pull it through the loop on you hook.
  • At this point you should have created a slip knot with one loop on your hook. Leaving the loop on your hook, slide the large single loop off your fingers. Untwist the tail from around the larger loop and gently pull to tighten a little.
  • With loop on hook, slide larger hook on to middle finger and ring finger.
  • At this point you can either chain the required chains for the stitch your working with or immediately start the stitch your working with in side the ring.
  • When you’ve completed the required amount of stitches, slide the loop off you fingers and pull tail to tighten ring.