What Is the Granny Rectangle Crochet Stitch?

The Granny Square Crochet Stitch is a cluster stitch consisting of three double crochets together. Traditionally done in rounds of 3-4 to make small squares,  the Infinity Granny takes that same principal and just keeps going with added cluster stitches along the length to make a rectangle.

These instructions cover how to make the Granny Rectangle or Infinity Granny Rectangle. This doesn’t include the Granny Square or other variations of this stitch.


YO – Yarn Over

REP – Repeat

RND – Round

CH – Chain

SK – Skip

DC – Double Crochet

ST – Stitch

SP – Space

DC CL – Double Crochet Cluster

Double Crochet (DC) – YO, insert your hook, YO pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops, YO and pull through remaining two loops.

Double Crochet CLUSTER (DC CL) – Three (3) DC in the same space.

Written Instructions

CHAIN – 15

DC in 3rd CH from hook (counts as first DC) 2 DC twice more in same CH space. *SK next 2 CH. 3 DC in next CH* to the last CH space. 4 DC CL. In the last CH, work 3 DC, CH2, 3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC. Working along other side of CH: work 3 DC in SP of the DC CL from the other side. In the same SP as the starting DC CL work, 3 DC, CH 2 , 3 DC (corner DC CL). Join with a SL ST in first CH 3. Turn.


SL ST in CH 2 SP, CH 2, 2 DC into the same space. CH 2, DC CL into the same CH 2 space. SK to next CH 2 SP and repeat. *SK to the SP between next 2 DC CL and work DC CL.* Work to the end of the row and REP corner crochet clusters. Join with a SL ST. Turn.

REPEAT ROUND 2 – Each round will increase by by 1 on the short ends and 2 on the long ends.