Working in the round means that you first create a center ring and then crochet the first round. 

When working in the round (WITR) using the chain method you will chain the recommended amount of chains based on the pattern you are following. Once you’ve slip stitched into the first chain to create the base of your ring, you will then work the appropriate type and amount of required stitches to create the first round. 

Although there are techniques to help with this (as shown in the pic above), working in the round with a chain will typically leave a hole in the center of your work.


YO – Yarn Over

REP – Repeat


CH – Chain

RND – Round


ST – Stitch

SP – Space


*NOTE* You can use any stitch you like when working in the round. Follow along with whatever pattern you are using.

Written Instructions

  • Create a chain with the correct amount of chains based on whatever pattern you are following. Slip Stitch in first chain to make a circle.
  • Chain the appropriate amount of chains required for the stitch that will make up you circle. Example: chain 1 = single crochet, chain 2 = half double crochet, chain 3 = double crochet, etc.
  • Now working in to the center of the ring, work the required type and amount of stitches.
  • When complete, slip stitch in to the top of first stitch to close.